Tequila Avión (EP.27)


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Megan Stroud, Director - Avión and Altos Tequilas, Martell Cognac, and Culture Marketing System, joins Tavarus to tell you 4 key things to know about Tequila Avión.

About The Episode:

  • Avión means airplane in Spanish, and this meaning ties closely with our new consumer platform which is all about collecting global experiences and having a borderless mindset for a more vibrant life
  • Avión has partnered with A-list celebrity and recording artist, 21 Savage, to help bring this campaign to life
  • Avión is made from agave grown at the highest elevations, which gives it its unique flavor profile across the range of products we offer which are: Silver, Reposado, Añejo, and Reserva 44
  • Avión Reserva 44 is a rare Extra Añejo tequila and it has developed a cult following, becoming the drink of choice for many celebrities and influencers. Consumers love it too; Reserva 44 recently won Platinum Best in Class at the 2019 SIP Awards

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