Mihalis Eleftheriou: Creator of The FREE and AMAZING Language Transfer Course(s)


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❗~If you enjoyed the episode please leave a review so we know, share with your friends, and subscribe for more amazing guests~❗ Do you have a cool story yourself or know someone who does? Let us know through our website or reddit! ------- In this episode, Mihalis Eleftheriou, creator of language transfer shares his story from his upbringing and how it shaped both him as an individual and Language Transfer as a course! This podcast was recorded live and we have some amazing stories and topics discussed. Beyond topics we get real deep on Mihalis’s story, and are able to better understand himself, Language Transfer and all the other project he is currently working on! As mentioned in the episode, to check out Language Transfer: languagetransfer.org . If you are able to donate, and wish to support this project, please do :) _____ The Personal Process Podcast Links Podcasting links: tinyurl.com/thepersonalprocesspodcast YouTube: tinyurl.com/personalprocessyoutube Website: tinyurl.com/personalprocessweb

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