Session 76 - Frailty And The Older Person with Scott Buxton


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We are very proud of our podcast as a product, we try to produce every episode to the highest possible standard. Every now and then however we smash even our own high standards and bring you something that is absolutely mind blowingly good.

This is one of those.

Scott Buxton articulates the nuance and complexity of the assessment and management of the older person with regards to Frailty in such a digestible way, if this podcast doesnt change your practice somehow then we will be mightily surprised. Look out for Scott in future podcasts as we will definitely be having him back.

Lastly we here at the team hope you are all safe and well in the midst of this pandemic. Check our social media feeds for lots more info and resources.

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Thanks as always to RehabMyPatient for supporting the episode, their software is truly excellent for exercise prescription and will be vital in the coming weeks and months as well move to "virtual" contacts!

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