Session 75 - Flippin Pain and Public Health Messaging with Felicity Thow, Richard Pell, Cormac Ryan and Lorimer Moseley


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The Flippin’ Pain Initiative is a public health campaign run by Connect Health and is a project that aims to bring contemporary pain understanding to the Lincolnshire community. In February, they launched the Flippin’ Pain brand and set out to flip the understanding of a room full of people with persistent pain with the help of pain Professors Lorimer Moseley and Cormac Ryan and set up by Connect's Head of NHS Service Development Richard Pell.

We were lucky enough to be able to send Felicity Thow with a camera and a mic to hold these three legends up for an hour on the day and even luckier that they agreed – we can’t thank Connect, Richard, Lorimer and Cormac enough for their time. Here’s what we ended up with: a podcast about bringing pain education to the masses and our role in public health within our communities.

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