PicPod 40: PIMS-TS / MIS-C: Pathophysiology, diagnosis, outcomes, and treatments, with Mike Levin and Liz Whittaker


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We have experienced an amazing development in Paediatric Intensive care over the past few months. Out of nowhere, a raft of patients with similar but highly unusual presentations started appearing in PICs across Europe and parts of the US, lagging behind the COVID-19 curve by around 4-6 weeks, but not seen in many countries who had experienced high levels of COVID infection.

For this podcast we have two expert guests: Prof Mike Levin and Dr Liz Whittaker, both from Imperial College London, who were the key authors on the recent paper in JAMA entitled “Clinical characteristics of 58 children with a pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2“.

In this podcast we discuss:

Is PIMS-TS/MIS-C a new condition, or is it a variant of Kawasaki’s / Toxic Shock?

What is the potential pathophysiology of this condition?

What are the outcomes in the medium term for PIMS-TS?

What are suitable treatments, and what should we be giving? What are others giving, and is this based on any evidence, or just a herd reaction?

Will immunisation work, and what are the risks? Is there a potential Dengue type reaction?

What research is happening? How do you get involved? Please get your unit involved in the Best Available Treatments Study (BATS) here.

Which definition is best? PIMS-TS vs MIS-C vs the WHO criteria?

And much more .

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