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The "Pillars of Health" podcast is on a quest to cover the areas in which people need to improve most in order to live their best life. Improved management of sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise can help shape a better routine and life for anyone needs to do a better job with self care. Having energy, not feeling constantly fatigued, enjoying how you look and feel as well as getting sufficient sleep are all factors that contribute to helping us lead a better life. In order to gain an understanding of how each one deeply impacts our daily life, the host, Jon Carroll will explore all areas of the four pillars of health in depth with the help of guests of the show. Jonathan is a strength coach who currently works in Raleigh, North Carolina having previously lived in Boston for 8 years. He has worked in the collegiate and general population setting for ten plus years and can call on his experience in order to help others achieve a better version of themselves.

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