Soul Winning (Hebrews)


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In episode six of The PKL Podcast “Saved & Uncensored,” PKL explores the perils of God winning the souls of the Hebrew people in a time of civil unrest in these United States of America . He explains what we’re seeing played out before our eyes in the media; and the origin of Israel’s rejection of God; His love for them; and His pursuit to introduce them to salvation through Yeshua/Jesus Christ. PKL also gives a more happier tone in his monologue; sharing a lighter side of he and his family’s journey to becoming what God foreknew they would be. Finally, PKL gives the gift of laughter, with “hummm…I don’t know about that!” A candid moment with his son!
Other names of Black Hebrew people of THE BIBLE called by the name of GOD (YAH) : Obadiah (Obadi/YAH), Hezekiah (Hezeki/YAH), Jeremiah (Yeremi/YAH), Joshua (YAH/ hushua), Elijah (Eli/YAH), Elias (Eli/YAH s), John & Yohancé are from the same source...change the 'j' (YAH/hanon), Andreea (AndreYAH), and so on. Many on the slave ships had these same names!

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