The Foundations of Building a Brand | Entrepreneur Fireside Chat


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Today’s episode is a fireside chat with Entrepreneur’s Editor-in-Chief Jason Fiefer discussing the ABCs of building a brand. When you understand how to combine traditional and digital media and create emotional connections through your content, you will be able to build a brand that stands out from the rest.


3:40 - Not everyone needs a brand to be successful

6:14 - Brands evoke emotion and people buy on emotion for logical reasons

7:34 - The clarity of your brand’s message

10:45 - Why Disney’s 75 year old content still wins today

11:30 - How are people going to access your content?

17:12 - What’s the objective of your brand?

18:47 - We study history to predict the future

20:45 - How to monetize your brand and ask your audience to buy

23:00 - What made me a great salesperson

23:45 - Why Apple is the best at monetizing their brand

28:02 - If you can’t quantify your own value, you aren’t ready to sell

35:45 - People aren’t willing to pay for things that they can get for free

38:23 - Can someone else be the face of your brand?

42:40 - Spokesperson vs the brand

46:18 - How to amplify and perpetuate your brand

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