#262: Tim Kennedy on Individual Freedom and Responsibility During The Crisis


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Tim Kennedy is the Founder of Sheepdog Response, a company focused on training in self-defense, martial arts, and weaponry. Kennedy is also a Ranger qualified Special Forces Sniper with almost 20 deployments under his belt. Prior to his retirement from professional mixed martial arts, Tim was ranked among the top Middleweights in the UFC, while also fighting in almost every competitive MMA league that exists. Tim has been featured on many television shows, most recently “Hunting Hitler” on the History Channel, and Hard to Kill on the Discovery Channel.

In this conversation, Tim and Anthony discuss the historical examples of crises being used to reduce freedom, the importance of civil liberties and personal freedom, where Tim has seen the aftermath of freedom being taken from citizens, how stupidity is not illegal, and we cover a number of recent examples of potential violations of the constitution that are concerning.


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