EP21: Balancing 1st Impressions


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Welcome all pond freaks and pond aficionados to the eighteenth episode of the Pond Digger Podcast with your host, Eric Triplett! Eric is known as the Pond Digger, an extremely passionate and committed water feature contractor and specialist. In the Pond Digger Podcast, he shares his experiences as a water feature contractor that will help both DIY pond builders and fellow contractors alike.

In this episode Eric speaks about how he has embraced his competition, and has learned to harness their energy and expertise to help both himself and his business grow. He has always wanted to connect with people who are interested in similar topics in order to learn from and share knowledge. He views competition as cooperating competition, or co-ompetition.

Listen in as Eric shares:

  • How he sees himself as his biggest competitor
  • Stories about how his competitors have acted towards him
  • Rising to the challenge when the competition creates pressure
  • Using competition to drive innovation, not fuel fear and hate
  • That there’s room at the top for everyone
  • How the people in similar businesses can help one another

Are you taking advantage of your competitors?

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