EP28: Pond Design Tips For Koi Health


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Have you noticed that you are losing more Koi as time is going on? Well then, this is the podcast for you. Today, Eric is talking to The Central California Koi Society and The Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society about optimizing pond design for Koi health. This is a tricky topic because most people listening to this already have a pond. Hindsight is always 20/20 about what you should have done when you built your pond, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late. Eric is going to share with you some pond design tips for Koi health, both before and after your pond installation. Remember, there are always adjustments you can make to protect your Koi health! Stay tuned for Eric’s piece and his Q&A with the crowd.

Eric shares his insight on:

  • Having really good protection against outdoor predators
  • Importance of redundancies in your system
  • Benefits of moving water with intention
  • Hindsight is always 20/20
  • Maintaining healthy water through an effective maintanence system
  • How to use biological filters on your pond
  • Prefiltration, prefiltration, prefiltration
  • Protecting your biological and mechanical filters
  • Avoiding “putting on weight” when it comes to your pond
  • Optimal motors and filters for your pond
  • Best biological filtration for different sized ponds
  • Aspects of having a gravel bed at the bottom of the pond
  • Rotary drum technology
  • Q&A

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The Pond Digger

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