EP30: Attracting Wildlife With Ponds - Special Guest The Pond Advisor Mark MJ Wilson


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What tops off that natural waterscape that you just had put in your yard? Why not some more nature? Mark MJ Wilson, The Pond Advisor, is back in the studio today to discuss how to attract wildlife and different species that may come to your pond. There are many misconceptions that surround different species that are common around bodies of water. Well, those are exactly what the guys are talking about today. So if you are looking out at your waterscape and are thinking to yourself, “how do I attract some life to this bad boy?”, then stay tuned to hear just how you can bring some beautiful species of wildlife to your pond!

Eric shares his insight on:

  • Reasons that you want dragonflies around your pond
  • Aspects of dragonfly reproductive cycle
  • Ideal environments to attract different types of frogs
  • Techniques for attracting unique species of birds to your waterscape
  • Something beautiful about seeing wildlife with your own eyes
  • Different species that are there but you will only see because of the pond
  • Touching on unique characteristics between frogs and toads
  • What you might be able to see if you check out your pond at night
  • Remaining humble so that you continue to learn new things

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