EP34: Why I’m So Passionate About The DIY Community - You Can, Man Podcast Interview


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From the very beginning, before Eric was doing ponds professionally, all he wanted to do was learn about what he loved from others, and in turn, teach others his passion. In a little switcharoo today, Eric is being interviewed about his life, the pond game, and the entire DIY community. Diving into Eric’s roots sheds some light on why exactly he is so passionate about his profession and specifically the DIY community. If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to be humble enough to sit down and absorb what an expert is willing to teach you. Once you have learned these things you can pass those skills on and make the world a better place. There’s something to be learned from everyone!

Eric shares his insight on:

  • Eric’s life right now and how he got there
  • Creating his business out of childhood passions
  • Extreme pond jobs from both ends of the spectrum
  • Being humble enough to sit and learn from someone else
  • Developing The Helix as a solution that was occurring with other systems
  • Basic pond information for an average joe that wants a pond
  • Getting out there and doing it yourself
  • Average size pond that The Helix works with
  • Building a bigger market by sharing the secrets and shortcuts
  • How Eric broke onto the YouTube scene so early
  • Diving into the Koi Fish market and The $60,000 Koi
  • Sharing all the knowledge that you have learned on your own journey

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