EP36: Fire Emergency Pond Evacuation Plan


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It is wildfire season people and if you live in California right now then you know that seemingly the entire southern half of the state is on fire. A fire could mean absolute devastation to your home, your way of life, and definitely your pond. Eric is here today to offer a fire emergency pond evacuation plan. Even if you do not live in California or a fire-prone area, you should definitely take note because no one is ever expecting a fire to come near their home or pond, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared.

Eric shares his insight on:

  • Dealing with the losses of power due to preventative shutdowns
  • What to do with and without a backup generator
  • Knowing when to feed and when not to feed
  • Avoiding the potential devastation caused by ash fallout
  • Preparing for the possibly inevitable evacuation
  • Importance of covering your pond when close enough to the fire
  • Rescue efforts when it comes to the aftermath

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