EP38: Positivity, Extortion, & Reviews


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Bad news travels around the world faster than good news. It catches like wildfire with a powerful wind. In the same way, negative reviews seem to spread easier than positive reviews when it comes to business. With some review mediums, the threats of bad reviews are even used as extortion. Today, Eric is talking about positivity, extortion, and business reviews. Taking positive action is the only way to balance out the negativity that runs rampant in this world. Don’t be that wind. Take positive action!

Eric shares his insight on:

  • Extortion when it comes to getting around negative reviews
  • Rewarding good behavior instead of only punishing bad behavior
  • Poor reviews being pushed to the top of the list
  • Sacrificing negative reviews for staying with your expertise
  • The dangers of overdelivering to a client during emotional times
  • Making sure to balance out the negativity with positivity
  • How people react when they get the good stuff as opposed to the bad
  • Staying considerate to what people may be going through

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