EP41: A Homeowner's Journey To Hiring a Pond Contractor


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There are a lot of things that happen between someone’s first desire to get a pond and the completion of the project, but most people don’t really know how much goes into the process. A contractor can only tell you so much, but to see it through the homeowner’s eyes is an incredibly enlightening picture. Eric’s guests today, Diane and Allen Anderson, are going to show you a very interesting perspective of their journey to hiring a pond contractor as homeowners. Stay tuned so you know what possibilities to expect on the journey from pond desire to project completion.

Eric shares his insight on:

  • What prompted the Andersons’ desire to get a pond of their own
  • Working with clients that are into the hobby already
  • Getting pigeonholed into a spot that is easy for the contractor
  • Researching design and contractors in the initial stage of getting a pond
  • Staying patient when hiring a contractor in-season
  • Dealing with the Home-Owner’s Association
  • Utilizing social media to track your contractors work
  • Biggest concerns when starting the project
  • Understanding the vital importance of having effective lighting
  • Waterfalls acting as an exercise area for the fish
  • Suggestions on what to do in your homeowner’s journey

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