S2 E1: A Conversation with Sir John Redwood


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The Poorly Informed Podcast is back. We're better* and bigger** than ever before, with fresh new content, some cracking debates and a great new theme tune (excellently produced by James Roberts). You listened to Season 1 almost 2,000 times, and we want to keep building upon that growth. Thank you for taking the time to tune in.

For our first episode, the Right Honourable Sir John Redwood (MP for Wokingham) is the star guest. An MP for 32 years, he has seen 7 Prime Ministers occupy No.10, and has become a leading figure in the anti-EU 'European Research Group'. We're quite impressed he was willing to talk to us. The topic he chose? 'The end of austerity'.

(The conversation with Mr Redwood starts at 4 minutes, but we recommend you listen to the extended introduction.)


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*highly debatable

**a complete lie

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