'My Darling Vivian' director Matt Riddlehoover & producer Dustin Tittle


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'My Darling Vivian' director Matt Riddlehoover & producer Dustin Tittle on their documentary film now available streaming on Amazon Prime as part of the SXSW 2020 film festival. 'My Darling Vivian' tells the story of Johnny Cash's first wife & mother of 4 daughters with Johnny: Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy & Tara, all of whom share their family history with the filmmakers. Producer Dustin Tittle is grandson of Vivian & husband of director Matt Riddlehoover - the duo had exclusive, unprecedented access to never-before-seen footage and photographs used in the film. Visit: https://www.mydarlingvivian.com/ to learn more. The Portland Podcast (http://pdxpodcast.com/) is produced & edited by Gregory Druker Day. Music used under license. For inquiries, contact: greg@pdxpodcast.com.

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