Everything Was Worth It A The End Of The Day | Bilyana Yankulova | Episode 750


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Bilyana Yankulova was born and raised in Bulgaria. Bilyana is an established pottery, graphic and visual artist with 30+ years of experience. Bilyana graduated from an Art High School specializing in ceramics; however Bilyana also received classical training in painting, drawing, and sculpture. Later on Bilyan went to obtain her MA in Ceramics from the National Academy of Arts-Sofia in Bulgaria. Bilyana moved to the United States in 2005 and has been residing in Los Angeles, California. Currently, Bilyana mainly makes her pottery using a throwing technique; however she does like to also use the slab method of building. In the past Bilyana has worked with many different clays, techniques and recently, she has been enjoying working with porcelain and creating all kinds of things from beautiful jewelry to everyday use mugs to bigger sculptures and pieces great for interior and exterior design. All of Bilyana pieces were created with both aesthetic and functionality in mind. Bilyana uses lead-free underglaze and glaze and fires everything at cone 5 and 6.

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