Director at Large- The Candidates | Simon Levin & Cat Traen | Episode 614


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Today is a special release day. Instead of releasing two episodes on Tuesday and Thursday, The Potters Cast is releasing both of this week's episode on Tuesday. As a result of NCECA 2020 conference getting canceled this year, the normal process of NCECA having a dedicated time of having the candidates for the Director at Large and the Student Director at Large share about what they would bring to the position and then to answer questions from the audience wasn't available. These two episodes are the replacement platform to allow these fine candidates to share their stories. In this first episode we are going to dedicate this to the position of Director at Large. These two candidates, Simon Levin and Cat Traen, will be the first to go.

A little about the process. I invited all four to schedule an time with me. The recordings were done on a "first come, first served" basis. And then they were put together in the same manner. I hope you enjoy these conversations.

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