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Have you ever wondered what The Prana Boost Lifestyle™ really looks like? Join me & my amazing husband, soulmate, business partner, spiritual partner, best friend for an intimate discussion on The Prana Boost Show™ to learn about our mindful lifestyle & our new parenting paradigm that we are pioneering together. Here is your chance to hear from both of us to learn more about it from each of our perspectives. For a bit more about us you can read this: http://pranaboost.com/our-story/

Today's topic was: Becoming Business Partners-Entrepreneur Magazine-A Wedding on A Yacht In California

In this episode you will hear:

•Where did we first work together?

•What DID Tina ask other students in her classes while in college at Bradley University?

•Where did Alan & Tina go on vacation when Alan set an intention they would move there after college?

•What was the first client Alan & Tina ever had when beginning their entrepreneurial journey?

•How were Alan & Tina able to manifest a $100,000 client?

•What is a "floater" and why did Tina and Alan need one? Who was their floater & biggest fan/Angel Investor?

•Where were Alan & Tina married?

•What magazine featured Alan & Tina's business?

•Learn how Alan & Tina practiced Manifesting their dream life and visualization even before they knew these terms

•What TV channel recorded their wedding preparation and special day to air on a Dream Wedding Reality Show?

•Hear why you need to be mindful who you share your "dreams" with

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