Eric Feinberg's Top Secrets For Killer Conference Room Confidence


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Today’s episode features a most popular and entertaining member of the analytics community. Eric Feinberg of ForeSee is an expert in voice of customer analytics, particularly in the mobile measurement space. Since joining ForeSee in 2004, he has contributed to the organization’s amazing growth, providing leadership in particular around its mobile solution. He happens to be the most energizing presenter I’ve ever met in the industry, always infusing his live presentations and workshops with an energy and passion that his audiences sit up and notice. If you struggle with feeling confident in either intimate internal meetings or high-stakes Eric gives you his secret tricks for feeling poised and ready for the spotlight. The show notes that accompany this episode are here: How you can follow Eric: Eric on the ForeSee blog Twitter: @EricFeinberg If you like what you've heard, I would so appreciate a rating or review here in iTunes. Ratings & reviews help boost the rankings of the show, and help others like yourself find this great content. Viz responsibly, my friends.

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