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Investigations into the 2017 UCP leadership race continued to make headlines in Alberta politics this week, with the elections commissioner slapping one-time candidate Jeff Callaway with $70,000 in fines for his campaign.

The Journal also revealed two more UCP MLAs interviewed by police in the RCMP investigation into alleged voting irregularities in the 2017 race.

Join Press Gallery host Emma Graney with guests Clare Clancy, Keith Gerein and Sarah O'Donnell to talk about those developments.

The team also delves into the syphilis outbreak declared this week in Alberta, and developments in the Persons with Developmental Disabilities file.

Good Stuff from the Gallery

Keith's pick: This deep dive explainer in Maclean's about the Jeff Callaway campaign donations.

Clare's pick: A fun recommendation from Clare this week is the podcast The Moment, from Wondery. It's a podcast about love. Clare particularly recommends the Taylor Swift episode.

Emma's pick: Emma recommends the book 'Minding the Public Purse.' It's by Janice MacKinnon, the former finance minister currently reviewing Alberta's finances. Oh, and check out the highlights from the cricket world cup final, too.

Sarah's pick: Sarah has a whole series from the Toronto Star she'd love you to read. They all dive into the highest-billing doctors in Ontario. You can find them here, here and here.

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