How the Alberta election was won and lost: Chapter 1


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Jason Kenney was elected premier of Alberta on April 16 after a bitterly fought campaign. But the journey started nearly three years ago.

This special series from the Press Gallery, the Edmonton Journal's long-running politics podcast, will give listeners a deep dive into Alberta's 2019 election.

Host Emma Graney and others from the Edmonton Journal politics team will delve into how Kenney was able to cobble together an agreement that unified the Progressive Conservative and the Wildrose parties, before eventually leading the United Conservatives to a landslide victory.

We will explore some of the major themes and controversies of the election, including the RCMP investigation into the UCP leadership race that saw Kenney win, the central place GSAs and LGBTQ issues played in the campaign and the importance of renewing Alberta's oil dependent economy in the minds of voters.

We will also discuss what, if anything, the NDP could have done differently to stave off the UCP machine.

Chapter 1 focuses on Kenney's arrival in Alberta and his ultimately successful pitch to lead the Progressive Conservative party in August 2016.

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