The 2019 year-end quiz show edition


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Which candidate did the United Conservative Party parachute into the Edmonton-Meadows riding for the spring provincial election?

What government bills prompted the NDP to mount filibusters, and how many hours did the longest marathon debate take?

Who bragged about laying pipe during the televised leaders' debate?

Join legislature columnist Keith Gerein, managing editor Dave Breakenridge and National Post Alberta correspondent Tyler Dawson as host Janet French tests their knowledge of the wacky year in provincial politics that was 2019.

Good stuff from the Gallery

Keith recommends Paul Wells’ take on the end of Andrew Scheer’s tenure as leader of the federal Conservatives, the tensions within the party and where the movement goes from here.

Dave recommends a New York times interactive piece about how the opioid crisis affected people who came of age at the turn of the millennium.

Janet wants you to listen to an emotional episode of the NPR podcast Hidden Brain, which explores choices about end-of-life care through the eyes of one family.

Tyler enjoyed a ProPublica investigation into a lifelong con artist whose jailhouse snitching could lead to a man's execution.

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