The Alberta budget ... finally edition


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There was practically no news in Alberta this week: A little federal election here, a long-awaited provincial budget there.

Join legislature columnist Keith Gerein, reporter Moira Wyton, managing editor Dave Breakenridge and host Janet French as they catch their breath from a week of sprinting between political news events.

They'll talk about what Edmonton and Alberta voters chose in Monday's federal election, touch on highlights of the United Conservative Party government's first provincial budget and look more closely at some of the changes coming to Alberta post-secondary education as a result of that budget.

As always, they've got Good Stuff from the Gallery recommendations:

-Dave says people should check out the trailer for Postmedia's new true crime podcast, The Dark North, which launches Nov. 4, and focuses on the gangs of Montreal. Dave interviewed host and reporter Paul Cherry about the podcast and the most recent killing in Montreal's simmering mob war.

-Keith recommends an eye-opening piece about how climate change, paired with political dysfunction, has the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in serious peril from rising sea levels.

-Janet enjoyed a podcast from BBC Radio 4 called You're Dead to Me, described as "the history podcast for people who don't like history ... and those who do." A comedian and a historian pair up to deliver a crash course in a historical character or topic in a funny and engaging way.

-Moira points to an urgent piece in the Star by Omar Mosleh about the atrocities and ongoing harm caused by one of the most deadly residential schools in Canada, right here in Alberta.

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