The Game Of Throne Speeches edition


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Your dragon show has ended but the 30th legislature of Alberta has just begun, kicking off this week with the speech from the throne.

Join host Emma Graney with guests Janet French, Keith Gerein and Dave Breakenridge to take a look at what was in that speech, what we can expect and what that means for Alberta.

The team also visits new standing orders that will change some of the rules that govern the house. Desk-thumping? Yeah, you won't hear that anymore if the UCP gets its way.

Good stuff from the gallery

Dave's pick: This excellent and completely bananas podcast called The Shrink Next Door. But before you get to that, give this piece about Middle Eastern representation in Hollywood on The Ringer a read, and listen to Vampire Weekend's new album Father of the Bride.

Keith's pick: This profile on Ed Whittingham, the former Alberta Energy Regulator director Jason Kenney promised to fire.

Emma's pick: This super interesting read from Mosaic about how Iceland solved its teen substance abuse problem.

Janet's pick: Channeling the spirit of regular Press Gallery guest Clare Clancy and her own education reporter role, Janet recommends this NPR podcast about the overlooked factors that lead to success in education.

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