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It might be summer, but that doesn't mean Alberta politics is taking time off. Instead, it headed to court this week where Justice Eric Macklin granted an injunction against Bill 9, the UCP government's controversial labour law.

Join host Emma Graney with guests Clare Clancy, Janet French and Sarah O'Donnell to dive into why, and what that means for unions waiting in the wings.

The team also takes on recent developments in the Chicago Principles kerfuffle and an appointment to the war room.

Good Stuff from the Gallery

Janet's pick: This disturbing read from Toronto Life about greed, betrayal and medical misconduct.

Sarah's pick: Sarah would like you to listen to these two awesome Planet Money podcast instalments about recycling, episodes 925 and 926. And if it's not going to leave you awake at night, she also recommends the Amazon TV series The Man In The High Castle.

Emma's pick: On a lighter note, Emma recommends you all delight in the new Wigan Athletic football team mascot — Crusty, the giant pie. You can read about Crusty and his creators Caydenm (8) and Neve (9) here on Wigan Today, and about fan reactions to the mascot here on The Sun.

Clare's pick: This jaw-dropping read from The Cut about a Harvard law professor, titled The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge.

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