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Sure, it was a four-day week in the middle of summer, but that didn't stop MLAs from giving themselves a five per cent pay cut and Premier Jason Kenney from celebrating his first 100 days in office.

Join host Emma Graney with guests Keith Gerein and Dave Breakenridge to talk all things Alberta politics, and find out why former U.S. president Roosevelt ended up in the discussion this week.

We also have a very special interview with departing editor Sarah O'Donnell (*Emma starts crying*), without whom The Press Gallery wouldn't even exist.

Good Stuff from the Gallery

Keith's pick: Keith would like you to read the editorials that earned Sarah O'Donnell a national newspaper award.

Emma's pick: Off the back of a recent recommendation by Press Gallery regular Clare Clancy about young women becoming Catholic nuns, Emma's pick is along a similar vein but takes us to India where more young people are becoming Jain monks.

Dave's pick: Dave recommends you drive across Canada and check out all the awesome stuff our wonderful country has to offer. Here are some tips from Culture Trip if you need them.

Sarah's (final) pick: Keep on reading the Edmonton Journal (we're not crying YOU'RE crying).

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