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Dr. Carolyn Elliott has helped thousands of people dramatically change their lives for the better via her online programs and private coaching. She's done this through using applied Hermetic philosophy, ritual magic, and a cutting-edge twist on Jungian psychology. She's the author of the rising new phenomenal book Existential Kink: unmask your shadow and embrace your power (Weiser, 2020) and the cult-favourite creativity handbook, Awaken Your Genius. Dr. Elliott currently co-leads WEALTH with her husband, ninjutsu expert and rune magician, Taia Kheper. WEALTH is an exclusive, application-only membership where leaders and influencers come into their full power via the alchemy of the psyche and hilarious and sexy social games. She also leads Game of Sovereigns, an Existential Kink Coach Training and Certification program. She earned her doctorate in Critical and Cultural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh where she taught for 7 years, and currently resides in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her family.

In this show, a follow-up to the last amazing episode with Carolyn, we explored how our kinks relate to childhood trauma, when we're best served by healing our wounds rather than moving straight into discovering the kinky pleasure in the things we have in our lives that we say we don't want and how all of this relates to seeing how we can live as the ultimate creator of our lives.

This was just as much a juicy episode as the last one with Carolyn - which is saying a lot!

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