How to reclaim and rewild your sexuality - Bonnie Bliss


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Bonnie Bliss is a Somatic Sexologist, pleasure educator & women’s pelvic wellness coach. She has spent the last decade supporting thousands of women all over the world to discover the incredible world within their bodies. Her background is in private client work & group work, having completed over 10,000 hours with 1:1 clients in person, as well as facilitated retreats and workshops both in Australia and Internationally.

Obsessed with the power of pleasure to support our nervous systems, letting go of stress, releasing shame and feeling more deliciously alive in all areas of life, Bonnie is also the founder of Yoni Club, a 3 month online women’s sexual wellness training that which over 1000 women all over the world have taken part in. She currently resides in the Byron Bay hinterland, Australia.

In this show we spoke about how and why women can reclaim and rewild their sexuality, including what makes it challenging and how we can overcome those challenges.

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