EP 9: Facial Rejuvenation + Pro-Aging


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Welcome back to The Pro-Aging Podcast! In episode 9 you are going to hear my Facial Rejuvenation Zoom webinar recording, where I talk about my signature techniques for non-invasive facial rejuvenation and my second book, "The Pro-Aging Playbook".
With so many technologies, treatments and techniques available to help improve your face and skin, it can be difficult to know which ones will best address your concerns.
On this episode I will address, the most frequently asked questions such as:
•Where do I get started?
•How important are lifestyle, goals and grooming?
•How do I prioritize treatments?
•How do injectables compare to lasers and other devices?
•What are the best treatments for me?
•How do I combine treatments?
•What role does skincare play when it comes to procedures?
•When is surgery necessary?
•How do I pick a provider?
•How often do I need treatments?
•How much work is too much versus just right?

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