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NEW YEAR - SAME SHOW - CONSUME NOW! We breakdown our holidays and give you the insights of our most intimate of times. Last year was masssive for us and you guys get to hear about how we made it all happen. We smash out some highlights and our most favourite albums from last year so do whatever your doing but stay a while and listen to us ramble. Thank you so much for an amazing year and we look forward to another big one! Bring on 2023! We love you guys and will see you next Thursday <3

Just two good music boys talking life, work and occasionally music. Join us every week for a sit-down catch-up, where we talk about the most important things to music producers like Christmas, New Years and when is the next holiday?
We have next to no idea what we're doing but here we are.
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Album of the week: Tune in next week when we give our review of "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath

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