329. How to Step Into the Role of Boss of Your Business


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Welcome to 2022 – we made it! Now, it’s time to take stock of where our businesses are and map out where we want to take them over the next year. That’s why we’re bringing you The Product Boss’s Guide to Your Best Year Yet. To prepare, we spend this episode exploring how you can step into the role of boss in your business, now matter who you are or how you feel about being a leader.

You might look at other people and wish you could be as forthright and self assured as they are. Rest assured, you can! It all comes down to confidence, and shifting your mindset about yourself and your business.

For example, there’s no need to worry about how everyone perceives what you’re doing because you’re not here for everyone. Your business has its own customers and it appeals to its own demographic. Spending time trying to please everybody or over analyzing what other businesses in the same space might be doing can be a real waste of time. Do you! And remember to own it.

To understand what that really means and more, listen to us break down how you can get out of your own way and step into the role of boss of your business!

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