330. Baking a Six-Figure Business with Suzanne Godbold of Three Best Bakery


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Our female founder this week is Suzanne Godbold of Three Best Bakery and one of our Masterminders. She opened her bakery business just three months before the pandemic hit and pivoted her approach to secure a six-figure 2020!

Suzanne decided to take the leap and turn her baking passion into a profession. Her products were flying off the shelves and tasted delicious, but she lacked the systems to scale long term. She ran out of ingredients every day and felt she couldn’t increase volume without sacrificing quality and brand authenticity.

We reflect on our transformational first session with Suzanne and the importance of mindset. With a bit of mindset work, Suzanne built the confidence to double her prices, which contributed to her success and ability to take bigger steps in hiring resulting in her being able to make more room for creative control and growth.

You can hear in her voice how her confidence is growing by the minute, and her sales are reflecting that mindset shift. She’s even created a solid work/life balance, clocking out at 5pm every day to spend time with her family.

The impact joining Mastermind has had on Suzanne is extraordinary. By getting out of her own way and throwing herself into the community aspect of Multi-Stream Machine and the Mastermind, she has broken through her self-limiting ceiling and ended 2021 as a multi six-figure business!

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