3 Simple Steps To Win The Last Quarter Of The Year (TPS269)


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Can you believe it’s already the final quarter of the year? Q4 is often a time where one of two things happens: either we feel down because we haven’t accomplished what we thought we would during the year, or we’re motivated to make a final push to finish up the year strong.

This episode will help you be in the latter camp: we’re going to take you through the 3 step framework we use to make sure the final quarter of the year is our best quarter, so you can go into the holidays feeling accomplished.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Brooks’s top 3 productivity resources this week [2:32]
  • How to review your last quarter to prepare for the final quarter of 2019 [5:34]
  • What you can discover about yourself and your next quarter with three simple questions [8:31]
  • What to look for when goal setting for the new quarter [15:37]
  • How to improve on the things you’re doing already [25:27]
  • Ways to get in-depth with the events from last quarter to do them even more effectively this time [32:04]
  • How to make optimize your goal setting [40:42]
  • Why you should be optimistic but not too eager in how many goals you set for yourself [47:19]
  • Some rapid-fire quick tips and tricks to make next quarter your best quarter [50:08]


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