All You Have to Do is Ask with Dr. Wayne Baker


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On this episode of the podcast, I welcome Dr. Wayne Baker as my guest. Focusing on social capital, social networks, generosity, and positive organizations, Dr. Baker has published six books and contributed to such outlets as Harvard Business Review, Chief Executive Magazine, and Sloan Management Review. A frequent guest speaker and management consultant, Dr. Baker is a cofounder and board member of Give and Take Inc., developers of the collaboration technologies based on principles in his book All You Have to Do Is Ask.
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Asking for help can be a real challenge – and it keep us from reaching our full potential. The conversation we have on this episode should help you get better at asking. Dr. Baker and I discuss why we need help from others to be more productive, why generosity within a company isn't the issue when it comes to developing a culture where asking is fostered, and how leaders can use certain techniques and tools to build a habit of asking in themselves and their colleagues.
Talking Points
  • This is how Dr. Baker looks at the idea of asking in reference to his work (2:02)
  • How can company leaders help cultivate a culture of generosity and nurturing the idea of asking (3:21)
  • Dr. Baker talks about the importance of asking and its relationship to your goals (4:51)
  • This is Dr. Baker's definition of SMART is when it comes to goals (6:12)
  • How can someone go through Dr. Baker's criteria in a fairly quick manner and less onerous? (8:34)
  • If you struggle asking for help for any typical reason, this is what you can do to break that habit (10:37)
  • Can this kind of process be applied internally as well? (13:14)
  • What is The Law of Giving and Receiving? (17:31)
  • What techniques can leaders use to promote and foster the habit of asking in their organization? (21:01)
  • This is what The Reciprocity Ring is... and what it does (24:18)
  • Dr. Baker shares some ideas for rewards that can be put in place to help promote asking in the workplace (28:13)
  • This is what you can do to start right now to get better at identifying where you need help and how to ask for it (30:08)

"The leader needs to be a role model of the behaviour that they want." - Wayne Baker
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I've always said that frameworks foster freedom. That idea definitely applies to what Dr. Baker shares in his work. The ideas of The Law of Giving and Receiving, The Reciprocity Ring, and much more allows individuals and organizations to forge and foster a culture of asking. And that's a big win for everyone. Check out Dr. Baker's book because it's definitely got some great tactics and tools you can use to make asking a more integral part of your productivity process.
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