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On this episode I spent time with Kris McPeak. Kris is the author of "Elevate Your 8: 21 Days to Prosperous Time Management" and the CEO of SilverPeak Development, an online career coaching community. During the day she also works at the foundation of a community college. Kris loves swimming, knitting, binge-watching TV, and learning new things. Kris McPeak is a self-appointed guru on work-life balance and finding your dream job. Kris worked successfully and happily in higher education, specifically College Housing. She came to a point in her career where the late hours and high touch students are parents started sucking the life out of her. Kris made a claim that she was going to be a housing officer who worked a 40 hour work week and stick to it.
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According to Kris McPeak’s book, Elevate Your 8: 21 Days to Prosperous Time Management, productivity and time management success comes down to simple math. There are 24 workable hours in every day. Work 8 hours. Sleep 8 hours. What's left? 8 Hours. How do you be more productive and manage your time? You elevate your 8.
Specifics that we covered on the show include:
  • What are the “8”? (2:47)
  • What can be done with hours after the “8”? (5:06)
  • On measuring time spent on doing things (13:59)
  • Things that needs to be done now vs. Things that can be done later (20:10)
  • Scheduling the weekend (27:37)
  • The concept of pairing activities and journaling things (30:47)
  • What can one do to help them elevate their 8? (33:19)
"If we are only working 8 hours a day and we are getting a full 8 hours of sleep at night, what remains is 8 hours. So when I say elevate your 8, that is where you are taking the time to prioritize and utilize those other 8 hours to really ramp up your time management and productivity." ~ Kris McPeak
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The key takeaway from this episode is that if one works only 8 hours a day and sleeps 8 hours a day, then time management boils down to that "Other 8" and that's usually where people get tripped up. People should think of time as money and prioritize their "spending" because there truly are only 24 usable hours every day.
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