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On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Joel Heath. Joel is founder & CEO of FluidStance, the world's first work platform that elicits subtle movement where you are stuck working. His personal purpose is to move the world and FluidStance's purpose is to help set the world in motion.
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Specifics that we covered on the show include:
  • How I've been using my FluidStance deck (2:30)
  • What FluidStance is and why Joel started FluidStance (3:06)
  • How the FluidStance fits into my office "productivity zones" (6:19)
  • Joel describes what he calls "The 70-20-10 Model" (7:05)
  • How Joel approaches the concept of moderation in various areas of his life (9:56)
  • Joel's thoughts on walking meetings and recognizing his true role in his company (13:01)
  • How someone can adopt healthier habits and forge a healthier lifestyle (19:14)
  • How the words we use can really shift perspective and choice (22:55)
  • What Joel thinks about the term "work-life balance" (25:29)
  • We talk a bit about comfort and complacency (27:54)
  • How important it is the element of beauty and craft in what Joel does (32:30)
"A thousand changes in a positive direction can have a huge impact." - Joel Heath
Relevant Links:I had a great time chatting with Joel and I've been using my FluidStance deck off and on ever since our conversation. I could stand to use it more often (see what I did there?) and revisiting this episode when putting together these notes have inspired me to do so. Why? Because I have been working on my health over the past several months and I know that my FluidStance deck can have a positive impact on that project. And as Joel said...every little bit helps.
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