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On this episode I'm joined by Brian Dixon, the author of Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything. As a podcaster, conference speaker, and business coach, Brian is passionate about helping high potential leaders and teams thrive in a world of overwhelming options.

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Some of the things we discuss during our conversation include what people can do to make sure they are starting on the right foot with others, why putting people first plays a role in your productivity, and the things you can do so that you an start with people first.

Talking Points
  • Brian speaks about the idea of "deciding" and the concept of the daily decision (2:22)
  • The nuanced approach to creating harmony between the needs of your people and your own needs (5:23)
  • This is The One Hour Exchange... and how you make it happen in a way that works for you (7:24)
  • What steps should someone take if they want to start off on the right foot when "starting with their people" (10:24)
  • Brian loves personality tests. Here are the four he likes the best. (23:31)
  • Brian challenges you to pick one day to do this (33:26)
  • What does it mean to adopt a mentality of abundance? (38:40)
  • I learned this about Mr. Rogers (41:43)
  • What can you do to start starting with people today? (42:52)

"The pebble rarely sees the job is to make an impact on the people in my life and I will never necessarily know the impact that they make as a result of me impacting them. But I can hold my head up high or put my head on the pillow at night and say 'job well done.'" - Brian Dixon
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I like this particular take on "people-powered productivity." Why? Because it's personal. Brian's got some great ideas throughout the pages of his book and he shared quite a few during our conversation. I hope you get a lot out of it. I know that I did.

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