The Responsibility Ethic with Adam Kreek


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On this episode, I'm joined "in studio" by Adam Kreek. A two-time Olympian, Adam holds 60 international medals, including Olympic Gold, and multiple hall of fame inductions. Adam’s new book, The Responsibility Ethic, teaches us the how of self-leadership, driving personal and professional results in individuals and organizations.
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Adam has a slew of additional accolades to his name, one of which is that in 2013, Adam made the first ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America, the subject of the NBC Dateline Documentary, Capsized. It was great to have Adam in the studio to talk about his new book, the idea of providence and patience, what he believes the evolution of SMART goals is, and much more.
Talking Points
  • How does failure and Adam's knowledge on that play into his book? (2:04)
  • What does Adam think responsibility means? (5:01)
  • Adam shares with me the idea of providence (8:51)
  • This is what Adam uses instead of SMART goals (20:43)
  • How important is it to truly understand your values and how that ties into ethics (30:11)
  • Adam and I talk about deciding where to spend your time and how to come to those decisions (33:20)
  • We (finally) get to talk about patience and its role when you know that you have plenty you want to accomplish in a short timespan... like an athletic career (45:21)

"You visualize the end point and you want the end point to be there now because you can see it, yet you have to put in the work." - Adam Kreek
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