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Through a fascinating career journey in teaching and journalism, Janet Murray made the big switch to run her own business that helps business owners build and engage their online audience. Janet and I go way back, and we’ve met through various places around the world, so I’m excited to finally have her on the show to learn more about how content planning plays such an important role to business success.

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Tune in as we explore embracing bigger picture thinking. We discuss daily emails, visual planning, writing with ‘the hook’, learning from journalists, and how Janet time crafts.

Talking Points

  • How to plan the bigger picture (6:42)
  • How our personality types and planning work together (13:55)
  • Setting structures so you can be flexible (27:51)
  • Creativity that comes from consistency (30:13)
  • Finding patterns for your content (36:55)


"The wider your view, the more patterns you see."

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