The First Non-American F-22 Pilot on Fighter Pilot Culture and Augmented Reality--Daniel Robinson


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My guest today is Daniel "Bond" Robinson who is Founder and CEO of Red 6--a company revolutionizing augmented reality (AR) for military training by allowing pilots to see synthetic threats in dynamic and high speed environments.

In 2005 the RAF selected him as the youngest fighter pilot of his generation to attend the Weapons Instructor Course and a year later, he was selected as the first non-American fighter pilot to fly the the F-22 Raptor; a huge deal at the time.

In our conversation Daniel talks to his incredible aviation journey including flying the Raptor, why he left the RAF, and the cutting edge technology his company is working with now.
Order of Topics:

  • His background
  • Flying Tornados
  • Culture of the debrief
  • Being assigned to the F-22
  • Post Air Force career
  • Building his own airplane
  • Augmented reality in aviation

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