How to Write a Self-Published Book - Part 1 of 4 [Ep. #121]


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In this episode of The Profitable Practice Podcast, I talk about the first steps in how to write a self-published book.


Writing a book is on the bucket-list for many health and wellness practitioners I talk to. For most, they talk about it wistfully/dreamily without any real commitment.

For YOU though – it’s different. You have an idea forming in your mind about what you want to write AND it’s exciting! If that’s you, then you are ready to start exploring and mapping out the process of making it happen.

This is the first in a series of 4 episodes on my experience writing a self-published book – the whole process mapped out for you and my advice on how to avoid some common pitfalls.

If the desire to write a book sparks in your heart at all, it’s time to tune in below!

In This Episode:

[2:29] We are talking about SELF publishing – and why you might want to do that, what to expect in investment of time and money, and how to ensure you are committed.

[5:10] Pre-selling your book as a highly motivating form of commitment.

[6:24] Month 1 – Brainstorming the layout & table of contents using a simple excel spreadsheet

[10:17] Your imperfect action for today

After You’ve Listened To The Episode, I Would **LOVE** To Hear Your Thoughts:
  • Do you have a desire to write a book in your future?
  • If so, when?

One of the best parts of any episode I record is getting to discuss the topic with you! We all get to learn so much from sharing. So let me know your thoughts wherever you get social on the net, IG, FB, in the comments below – wherever!

Thank you for listening and learning with me on the podcast this week. Your commitment to improving the business aspect of your practice matters... Not only to you, but to your future patients and practitioners who want to be working with you. You were meant to build something great, so let’s get to work.

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