Using custom audiences in FB Ads Manager to grow your practice quickly [Ep. #126]


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In this episode of The Profitable Practice Podcast, I talk about why setting up Facebook Ads and custom audiences is an essential piece in the foundation of your practice.


Social media is here to stay. AND it makes marketing a heckuva lot easier for us little guys, but you do need to know how to put it to work for you. This is part of the essential business foundation of your practice.

Facebook’s algorithms are good, it’s time to learn how to leverage them to grow your practice quickly.

In This Episode:

[1:00] How FB Ads will help you grow your practice

[3:05] Creating FB Audiences out of your campaign using a FB pixel

[5:05] The key custom audiences you need to create inside facebook to help you target your ads to the right people

[6:45] The strategy behind creating FB audiences for your business

[7:35] The power of “look-a-like” audiences to generate new patients

[9:53] On how re-targeting people who have already showed interest in your services makes advertising cheaper for you

[12:08] Organic reach is just impossible now.

[12:47] An example of what FB Ads can do for your practice

“Facebook is designed to help you win, but you win faster when you give Facebook data that it can pool into and know exactly who to target for you.”

— Andrea Maxim, ND & Business Coach

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After You’ve Listened To The Episode, I Would **LOVE** To Hear Your Thoughts:

  • Have you set up your custom audiences yet?
  • How has Facebook advertising worked out for you so far?

One of the best parts of any episode I record is getting to discuss the topic with you! So let me know your thoughts wherever you get social on the net, IG, FB, in the comments below – wherever!

Thank you for listening and learning with me on the podcast this week. Your commitment to improving the business aspect of your practice matters... Not only to you, but to your future patients and practitioners who want to be working with you. You were meant to build something great, so let’s get to work.

PS. Here is the link to get access to the Facebook Ads Training I spoke about during this episode.

PPS. Wondering where to sign up for that 30 Min Profitable Practice GAME CHANGER Strategy Call with me? Here is the link to my calendar – just sign yourself up!

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