The Secret to an Engaging Client-Generating Website (with Jules Dan)


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On a scale of 1-10, how good would you say your website is at connecting with your would-be customers or clients?

That’s ok! I’m here to help you turn it up to a perfect 10.

With a little help from my good friend Jules Dan, we’re gonna give you the secret to turning up the engagement factor on your website…

So you can break through, and help them see that you’re the one who can help them the most.

Here’s what we chat about today:

The 3 ways to integrate your customer’s stories onto your website for maximum conversions and appointments booked. This puts boring website templates you see everywhere to shame!

What to include in your ‘about me’ section to turn browsers into buyers (hint it’s not all about you!). The trick to lowering people’s BS detector is to include THIS one thing.

How to take your website visitors from pain to pleasure with the right images. You’ll discover how to subconsciously display empathy and position you as the right person.

Who knows…

Just one idea you get from the podcast could add thousands to your bottom line.

Listen to the podcast now and soak up all the secrets, then plan how you’ll add them on YOUR website this week!

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