PLM 724 : My 2019 Quarterly Goals Report | Q3 For Stefan James


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Welcome to my third Quarterly Goals Report for 2019!
Every month since 2012, I write a detailed report about my progress toward the goals and resolutions I publicly stated on my blog earlier in the year. I previously called this my Monthly Goals Report, but for 2019 I decided to try doing a Quarterly Goals Report instead.
Since I started sharing my goals and progress in 2012, I have received such an amazing response from people all over the world. You’ve shared with me how I helped to inspire you by openly sharing my progress. And knowing you’re reading this helps me hold myself accountable to the promises I’ve made to myself.
This is my Quarterly Goals Report for Quarter 3 of 2019. It’s my hope that you can take away something to inspire you in the pursuit of your own goals.

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