TPP337: The winning mindset behind rapid portfolio growth


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We’re back with Property Podcast listener Mark Ward who last week told us how his strategy helped him to grow a double digit portfolio in just five years.

This week The Robs are delving into how Mark managed to change his mindset to that of a winning one which was the driving force behind the growth of his buy-to-let portfolio.

He’s focusing on the strategy of buying below market value, refurbishing and refinancing. While he’s been using traditional mortgages and a little bit of bridging too, Mark’s also been doing a couple of really unique things.

When you consider some of the bonkers things Mark has done - which goes far beyond the usual ‘putting in an offer without viewing it’ - (go here to listen to how he’s purchased in a known flood zone, done some intense refurbishing and entered the terrifying world of bridging finance) it makes you question just how Mark actually made this all work to his advantage.

Mark might knows exactly what he’s looking for and where he wants to go with it, which is great! But ultimately, a lot of this also boils down to his mindset.

And that’s exactly what we find out more about in the second part of this interview with Mark and Rob D.

In the news this week, a dramatic headline from The Express, ‘Brexit property WARNING: Sell your house after this date to avoid losing money’. In a nutshell, the article basically says if you’re looking to sell your house, wait until after the 31st October, which is when we’ll apparently know what’s happening with Brexit.

Even though we’ve heard this a number of times throughout the year, even Rob B admits that he’s noticed a decline in the number of new properties coming to the market in his local area. For once, even The Robs agree with this headline and think that you probably shouldn’t sell your property before the 31st October. However, if you’re looking to buy a property, you should 100% be focussing on buying before it.

This week’s Hub Extra is in-keeping with today’s episode and it’s a simple but effective quote from Benjamin Franklin; ‘well done is better than well said’.

Which reiterates what The Robs are always saying, it’s all about taking action! It’s all well and good talking about your goals and what you’re planning on doing, but you won’t reap the benefits until you put those words into action.

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