TPP346: Build To Rent: What it is and why you need to understand it


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This week Rob & Rob are joined on the podcast by Build To Rent expert, Richard Berridge. After listening to this episode, you’ll know more about Build To Rent than most people in property.

Build To Rent (or BTR) has been flying under the radar for a while now, but it’s only really just starting to become a well known, big thing.

So whilst it’s a topic that has piqued Rob & Rob’s interest, they thought it would be best to bring in the experts to help not only you, but themselves learn all there is to know about Build To Rent.

Richard is not only an authority figure on the subject, but he’s also a consultant, an advisor and a writer. He’s 100% the right man for the job.

Here’s just a few of the questions that you can expect to get answers on from Richard:

  1. What is Build To Rent?
  2. Who’s the actual owner with Build To Rent?
  3. Is it only about income and not growth?
  4. Who makes it all happen?

We cover a lot of ground in this episode so hit play and listen.

This week in the news, Place North West are reporting that the region’s green belt has shrunk by 3,400 acres. So is the North West becoming the new concrete jungle?

Well, not quite.

What most people don’t realise is that green belt land isn’t always beautiful flourishing forests or national parks, it could be a really unattractive piece of land that’s more of an eyesore and could be put to much better use.

So once again, a big scary headline that’s been blown out of proportion.

Also…it’s that time of the month again, Meetups are just around the corner and heading your way next week! So, if you haven’t yet secured your spot, go and book yourself a ticket now!

And this week’s Hub Extra is a book that Rob D is claiming to be the most inspiring book he’s read all year, and that book is Finding Ultra by Rich Roll. It goes on to tell his story of turning 40, being out of shape, a recovering alcoholic and going on to being one of the fittest men in the world.

It even documents how he had a challenge with a friend to run five Ironman triathlons in a week! Who even thinks that’s a good idea?! He’s also got a very popular podcast too, which is also well worth checking out. We actually included this book on one of our Hub Extra emails a while back after Rachel in our invest team recommended it - The Property Hub book club is in full swing guys!

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