TPP363: Rob & Rob fix the property market (updated)


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We’re back again for another episode of The Property Podcast and this week it’s an ambitious one as Rob & Rob try and fix the property market.

Today’s chat started with a very interesting article that appeared in the January issue of The Economist. It takes a global perspective of the property market and formed the basis for today’s property podcast.

The Robs have delved into the good old supply and demand debate while also talking about the inequality between generations, the balance of home ownership vs renting and how different countries handle issues around housing.

Ultimately, is our planning system broken?

There’s so much to cover. And we don’t just mean for the UK property market, we’re talking globally! It’s no shock to hear that the property market needs fixing, but what do we think the answer is?

Well, you’ll have to tune in to find that out.

The Robs have said for a while now that optimism has been increasing in-line with the 18-year property cycle and have very conveniently uncovered a news story to back this up!

There’s been a 17% increase in new buyer enquiries for land which shows that developers are keen on building again. And because a development can take a few years to build, this is a strong indication that we’re on track for a healthy few years.

There's also another news story with data from an online evaluation service highlighting that the number of potential vendors requesting evaluations from estate agents more than doubled from December to January. It was expected to be up anyway because December is always a quiet month and January is always the time people want to make a change, but doubling in numbers is a significant increase.

The signs are there. Estate agents and developers seem to be more positive. But does that mean it's boom time now?

In short….no. But it’s the first sign of positivity for the next part of the property cycle.

This week’s Hub Extra is a great podcast to help you unwind. It’s called A Meditative Story. This is a great one that will allow you to switch off after a busy day. It’s a new kind of listening experience with mindfulness prompts. Rob found it gave him a clearer and settled mind after listening. We highly recommend this podcast just as that little something to give you a more mindfulness practice whenever you need it.

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